Not a bad day…not a good day either.

Well, we’ve had two crashes.  On another team of seven members, five of them went down in a violent crash crossing a set of railroad tracks.  I guess they are ok, banged up, bruised and scraped, but they are still in the game.  Unfortunately our team lost a member today to a crash.  We were working very hard in an intense cross wind.  We were riding fast and pretty close together to protect the group from the wind when in a split second, her front wheel touched the back wheel of the rider in front of her.  She was right beside me and went down hard into the gravel along the side of the road.  It was also very violent and I had to swerve to miss her bike as it shot across the lane in front of me.  She has a broken arm and in the hospital for observation.  She is out of the game and will be going home.

On a lighter note –

The picture below is of the first day transition point.  Note the clouds.  It was cold and we had snow during the ride and a little rain.

Transition from Team 1 to Team 2.

The photo below shows Team 3 ready to go out for their shift on day 2.

Team 3 Second Day. Look at the flat, treeless, windy, cold prairie.

My team rides our first full night shift tomorrow night.  6 pm to Midnight.  We’ll be in the U.S. for that, having crossed into North Dakota for a very short period before entering Minnesota.

Check back for an update on that.

Andy Bailes


About Andy Bailes

An avid cyclist, writer and photographer.
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One Response to Not a bad day…not a good day either.

  1. Marie Bailes says:

    Too bad about your team mate. Hope she gets better soon. WOW!! 2 crashes. Please stay safe, I would like to see you in one piece next Friday!! Love you, miss You!! Marie

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