Two days down…

Let’s see…My team, Team2 is in Brandon Manatoba.  We ride again at noon tomorrow.  Yesterday was cold, wet, snowy, rainy, fun.

I had some problem breathing at first, but as we rolled along I got much better.  Today I was great.  No breathing problems at all.  The ride was cold, damp and WINDY.  The wind never stops here.  Sometimes it helps us, sometimes it pushes against us, but we push back, and we win.  Our first taste of night riding this morning, not as bad as I thought it would be.  Cold though, did I mention the cold?

I took a few pictures today but I’ll have to load them some other time, maybe in the morning.  I saw Brandon on 207 today.  He looked great.

Thanks for watching,

Andy Bailes


About Andy Bailes

An avid cyclist, writer and photographer.
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3 Responses to Two days down…

  1. Edith G. Bailes says:

    Good luck, good weather, and a safe ride to all

  2. Steve Caron says:

    Outstanding! Best wishes as you continue to crank out the miles.

  3. Kenactionman says:

    I hope the crashes are all behind you guys; best wishes to those who did get hurt and a speedy recovery. Just saw the weather report for Monday 1am in the Whites. Snow, enough to dust the Rockpile with seasonable temps the rest of the week. Should be clear sailing on the roads at least. Stay safe and looking forward to meeting everyone at the end of the ride.


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